Episode 3: Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within was a stark departure from its prequel in terms of aesthetic.  What was originally a whimsical adventure turned into a dark and edgy romp.  But it also gained a far more sophisticated combat system and tried to build on its inspired platforming mechanics. Does it succeed in bringing these elements together, or is it all edge with no substance?

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In today’s episode, we look at:

  • What exactly is so special about Prince of Persia’s platforming compared to everything else?

  • Does the ‘free-form’ combat system deliver on its promise of being a dynamic and reactive experience?

  • Just how many bugs can one game have?

All these and more, in the third episode of Retro Spectives!

Intro Music: KieLoBot - Tanzen K
Outro Music: Rockit Maxx - One point to another
Prince of Persia: Warrior Within’s OST: Stuart Chatwood and Inon Zur

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