Epsiode 4: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is a game that served as direct inspiration for titles like Dark Souls and Hollow Knight despite being released in 1997. Its influence can be seen not only in these games, but in the entire genre of metroidvania. Has Symphony of the Night stood the test of time or does it wallow in the shadow of those it inspired?

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On today’s episode, we answer this question by examining the following:

  • Is having deviously hidden features a reward for the investigative gamer, or just cryptic nonsense?

  • Can the aesthetics of a 22 year old game stand up to modern offerings?

  • Is Castlevania’s soundtrack truly a symphony, or just nails on a chalkboard?

We explore these ideas and more, in the fourth episode of Retro Spectives!

Intro Music: KieLoBot - Tanzen K
Outro Music: Rockit Maxx - One point to another
Castlevania SOTN’s OST: Michiru Yamane

Pat’s article on Castlevania SOTN