Episode 7: Ape Escape

Ape Escape was a defining platformer of the Playstation 1 era, notably being the very first to require a dualshock controller to play.  It truly pushed the limits of that controller, incorporating the joysticks in a way no game has done since. You journey through each level, trying to capture apes and send them back to the zoo where they belong - no-one tell PETA about the game.  Do the innovative controls and basic gameplay loop of capturing monkeys hold up to this day, or is it just plain monkey-ing around?

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In this week’s episode, we discuss:

  • Are the joystick controls for activating gadgets a revolutionary and unique twist, or just bloody annoying?

  • How fun is it to hunt, subdue and capture the evil, escaped monkeys?  Do the gadgets give us enough options to do so?

  • How is it possible that James hates the music so much when he’s so in love with Banjo Kazooie’s soundtrack?

Find out the answers to these questions, and many more, in this week’s episode of Retro Spectives!

Intro Music: KieLoBot - Tanzen K
Outro Music: Rockit Maxx - One point to another
Ape Escape’s OST: Soichi Terada

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