Episode 18: Cave Story+

Back in 2004, the Indie gaming scene as we understand it today was non-existent.  If you were an independent game developer you were more likely to be at home on ad-infested websites like Newgrounds than on the shelf at your local game store.   Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya changed all that with Cave Story. He showed the world that a one person project (entirely free!) could stand alongside the best games out there and paved the way for countless independent studios.

But how fun is it to play today, all these years later? Modern indie titles have access to funding through kick-starter and a wealth of experience to draw upon from successful indie studios. Just how well does Cave Story compare to modern offerings?

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On this episode, we discuss:

  • How good is Cave Story’s story?  Is a sense of charm and fun more important than plot or character logistics?

  • Does the ‘weapon level up’ mechanic provide a positive experience for the player?  How does it affect the pacing of the game’s platforming and shooting?

  • Cave Story+ features several ways to experience the game's visuals and music, but which one is better? Pat and James strongly disagree.

We answer these questions, and many more on the 18th episode of the Retro Spectives Podcast!

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Intro Music: KieLoBot - Tanzen K
Outro Music: Rockit Maxx - One point to another
Cave Story OST: Daisuke Amaya
Cave Story Remastered OST: Danny Baranowsky