Episode 14: Kirby - Nightmare in Dreamland

Kirby’s Nightmare in Dreamland is a remake of the 1993 NES classic Kirby’s Adventure.  It features updated graphics, a new set of minigames and an even easier difficulty than the original.  You float around this idyllic platformer, stealing enemies abilities as you conquer the evil denizers of Kirby’s dream.  But is it fun to play today, despite the almost complete lack of challenge?  

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On this episode, we ask:

  • Is Kirby’s Nightmare a charming adventure, or does its lack of difficulty put a dampener on the fun?

  • Are the pink puffball’s copy abilities a stroke of mechanical genius, or simply wasted potential?

  • Can a game released in 2002 still manage to look a treat?

Listen in to find the answers to these questions and many more on the 14th episode of the Retro Spectives Podcast!

Intro Music: KieLoBot - Tanzen K
Outro Music: Rockit Maxx - One point to another
Kirby’s Nightmare OST: Hirokazu Ando Jun Ishikawa

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