Sweating the Small Stuff: Video Game Villain Corporate Strategies

When you love something, and I mean truly love it, you start to notice flaws that the average person cannot. You become so invested in it that all the ugly shortcuts and loopholes start to reveal themselves. Now, that doesn’t mean you suddenly hate it - it just means that you like it in in spite of its problems, warts and all. DBZ Abridged is the perfect example of this phenomenon, which is both a critical satire and a love letter all in one series. We love to criticise the things we love.

Over on Sweating the Small Stuff, Cameron Boozarjomehri invites guests on to sweat with him about all the small things that annoy and irritate them in pop culture media in movies, books and TV. And for the first time, in episode 14, he takes on video games, with Patrick Arthur as the guest!

Listen in to hear us complain about elaborate villain’s schemes getting out of control and why they can’t get their act together. You can listen here, or directly on their website: http://smallstuff.show/